How To Get In The Division Beta

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How To Get In The Division Beta

Bullet Jan 22, 2016

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    The Division’s closed beta is fast approaching and if you are reading this, it's because you don't have access to the beta yet, do?
    Don't worry though, we got you covered as usual, just check out this guide to getting into the beta.
    The beta kicks of first on the Xbox One on January 28, then it launches on the PS4 on the 29th and PC Jan 31st.
    You can download the beta by going to the official website. The beta client will be ready to download a cool 48 hours before the release dates and you may need that extra time guys because the download is a whopping 26GB!
    There are a few ways in which you can get into the beta, only one is actually guaranteed though and that is to preorder the game on either PS4, Xbox One or PC.
    If you’re are strapped for cash though, or just want to feel how the game plays before parting with any cash, then you should definitely follow The Division on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The reason for this is social media channels for the game will be dropping beta codes.
    It is possible that the closed beta may become an open beta when they decide to stress test the servers, so fingers crossed! Hopefully, we will see you on the beta....
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