Holy New Drive Revision Batman!

ADDZ Jul 8, 2011

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    Holy New Drive Revision Batman!
    [font="Verdana]Yet another Slim Liteon drive has appeared in the wild, this time out of a devkit. The drive itself while not new (manufactured in November 2010), features the DG-16D[b]5[/b]S hardware and A445 software. It's a very interesting find thatmay just hint at another drive manufacturer producing drives for the Xbox 360 Slim. Take a look for yourself:

    In other findings, the drive has a MT1332E chip. When compared in more detail, the drive has several differences compared to the 0225 drives. This is all the details known at this time as the drive is currently in transit from VCG Repairs to Team Maximus.

    When more information becomes available, we'll let you know.

    [/font][color="#5F5F5F"][font="arial]A new drive has surfaced - whats strange is that is a different HW and FW versions but its also quite an old MFR date.[/font][/color]
    [/font][font="arial][size="2"]A new driver version: DG-16D5S[/size][/font]

    [font="arial][size="2"]A new FW version: A445[/size][/font]

    [font="arial][size="2"]A new Mt Chip version: MT1332E[/size][/font]

    [font="arial][size="2"]NO EPOXY !!! ???[/size][/font]

    [font="arial][size="2"]Thanks to Ed at [/size][/font]VGCREPAIRS[font="arial][size="2"] for the info[/size][/font]

    [font="arial]The missing link maybe ? .........[/font][font="Verdana][/quote]





    [b]Source:[/b][font="Verdana][size="2"] [/size][/font][/font]Team-Xecuter

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