Halo 5 Guardians: Agent Locke and Master Chief

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Halo 5 Guardians: Agent Locke and Master Chief

Nasyr Aug 6, 2014

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    Yet another Halo is thrown at us for deadly combat! Check out the thrilling yet question leaving trailer below. It reveals some type of Halo character walking through the desert with a cloth hoodie on. All of a sudden some type of bird-like robot arises from the ground sending mounds of wind knocking off the hoodie of the character. The character is revealed as, Master Chief.​

    Master Chief's survival changes the story and feelings of many gamer fans. Not only does it reveal future technology, but it shows that Master Chief can never be brought down! They have also revealed a some what similar character known as, Agent Locke on the TV show Halo: Nightfall. Seems interesting, doesn't it?​

    Well Agent Locke joins this TV show as an actually playable character. Not only does it open more doors for questions, but it intrigues more gamers, leaving them on a cliff hanger. Also known as a, I don't know what's coming next! Well Agent Locke happens to be a manhunter, or bounterhunter. Simply looking for set, paid targets to kill at any costs possible. Can Master Chief be in danger?​

    The TV show, Halo: Nightfall has only exploded there fan series to grow in the millions! This TV show gives little sneak peeks and gives a good story. This brings to light how much truly enjoy this game from a gamers stand point. It is sad to say that this game will only be released for next gen consoles though.​


    This game comes forward to Xbox One sometime in 2015, nothing set yet. The beta release for testing will also be out early 2015. More information should be released on the story line and exact release date soon. Well enjoy and get your Halo face on!​
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