GTA V: XP Farming, Cash Farming Patched

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GTA V: XP Farming, Cash Farming Patched

Bullet Oct 9, 2013

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    Rockstar release a new patch today on Xbox 360 and PS3. The patch is said to patch the ability to replay missions repeatedly which will put an end to XP and Cash farming online.

    As of yet Rockstar have not released any patch notes but let's just hope they have fixed all the other issues that have plagued online play since release. Although Rockstar have already released 2 patches neither of them have really fixed the connection problems and issues with characters disappearing and being reset, purchased cars and buildings being lost, and random rank resets.
    What Rockstar did focus on in the last patch though was patching an exploit that allowed people to farm XP and cash in a level called "Violent Duct".
    The Violent duct glitch was similar to the methods that got patched today for gaining lots of Rank Points and cash.

    So have Rockstar lost sight of their priorities yet again, or have they actually fixed the broken mess that is GTA V Online?

    We will post the patch notes as soon as Rockstar release them.
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    1. music714
      Flubber you gta can wait to mod this game.
    2. Demene
      no they lost sight of priorities
    3. ca
      They're a greedy pack of assholes. They will destroy every decent way of leveling up and leave the price of death high, making it virtually impossible to play. And then they'll reinstate the ability to buy $$ off them. It's still a broken game, Rockstar don't give two shits. Where is the fucking Ifruit app for Android and Windows phone?? This makes the game impossible to get 100% completion on unless you have access to a stupid ass IOS device!!! Fix your broken piece of crap Rockstar! So angry!! I even made a Facebook page: Grand Theft Auto V is a broken piece of crap that needs fixing!! Join it and spam Rockstar with your abuse like I am!!! Wankers!!!!!!!!!!!

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