GTA V Online Down For PS3 - 10/5/13

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GTA V Online Down For PS3 - 10/5/13

Bullet Oct 5, 2013

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    Grand Theft Auto V online has been offline for PS3 gamers today while Rockstar frantically try to resolve the issues that continue to plague the online portion of the game since release five days ago.
    The gaming giant report that they have been working along side Sony to try and stabilize connection issues.


    There was a title update rolled out today for PS3 gamers, however that turned out to be far from a success with reports of connection issues, and purchased building and cars still disappearing. Rockstar state that they are well aware of the issues gamers have been experiencing with loss of characters, money, rank, and items, and say:

    There seems to be some confusion amongst gamers with regards to cloud servers how the save system works. If the cloud servers aren't available and you are asked if you wish to continue, please be mindful that the character you will be given is temporary and nothing you do in game will save.
    Also to make sure you save content, go to the pause menu and select to go back to the single player game, this will create a save for you and make sure you do not loose your progress.

    If you are in any doubt at all , stay offline until Rockstar confirm that the online issues are fixed. Right now that doesn't look to be any time soon given the performance so far.
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