GTA V Heists 4.8GB Update Rolling Out For Some Players

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GTA V Heists 4.8GB Update Rolling Out For Some Players

Bullet Mar 8, 2015

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    The one feature GTA V players have been waiting for for over a year is finally due to release in a couple of days to the masses, however some lucky gamers are already playing Heists online.

    Initially the heists update was reported to be 4.2GB in size on the Xbox One, although now it is being reported that the update size for the anticipated online mode jumped to 4.8GB, most likely due to some last minute tweaks.

    Some GTA V players have taken to Twitter to show off the new Heists playlists:
    No information has been revealed on how the Heists update is being downloaded and played, or even if the mode is fully playable. Given that the content was reportedly "stumbled upon" and needed figuring out in order to play, we are speculating it is an exploit of some kind.

    Update: We have found out that the content can be accessed by changing sandbox ID's, however the content can not be used. Props to Chr0m3 x MoDz for the heads up.
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