GTA 5 Post-Apocalyptic Mods Resemble The Last Of Us

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GTA 5 Post-Apocalyptic Mods Resemble The Last Of Us

Bullet Feb 4, 2016

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    Have you ever wondered what Los Santos would look like after a major catastrophe? If a natural disaster or war tore its way through the sprawling city? Well now thanks to a modder named Rapidiment you can now see exactly what Los Santos would look like in a post-apocalyptic state, like something out of 'The Last Of Us.'
    This GTA 5 mod is actually named 'After Us' and features over 60 crashed cars and other vehicles, 1675 props and a secret safe house among other things.
    You can download this amazing mod here.
    Rapidiment isn't the only one tearing up Los Santos with post-apocalyptic mods, the 'After Us' mods actually inspired fellow modder, GTAFREAk67S to also create a 'Last Of Us' style GTA 5 mod. "Hey Guys! this is Joel from Last of us...i was inspired by Rapidiment's 'After Us' Map.. the map is so exciting and it made me think "it would look good if i could bring Joel in" so here it is..i hope you like it..." he says.
    He got one thing right, both of these mods are truly inspirational. Check out the screens from the GTA 5 'Last Of Us' mods.

    If you would like to download this mod you can get it from here. We would just like to say kudos to both of these modder's. These are fantastic mods and well worth a look.
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