Geroge Lucas says 'Games can't have history'

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Geroge Lucas says 'Games can't have history'

FreddyZVoorhees Oct 21, 2015

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    George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, believes that games should not have stories, and that's why the games will never be equal to the movies, since they may not have a plot.

    Yesterday, at a University of California, Don Mattrick, Microsoft, Steven Spielberg, and the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, spoke in a lecture about the games and movies.
    When one participant asked whether the movies and games they could share the way of storytelling, he said the two will always be different from one another, since the games may not have stories.
    George Lucas
    To tell a story, you need two things: characters and a plot. It's like a sport, there may be a famous player. They [producers] are beginning to see that focus on the characters, the game is much richer. It is but natural that games can not have a plot. You can not put a plot in a football match - as well as a party.
    If you let anyone do what you want, will not have a story, it will be a game. And then, it happens to divide between games and story. The point is that the games may have more characters, but will not have a decent plot of Shakespeare.
    Spielberg already, believes that games can be a mix between a story and a sport:
    Steven Spielberg
    I think to divide the interactive part of the narrative of a game is difficult, as we need to cause a player in empathy for the character.
    You see a cutscene and then gets involved in the story, is to hate that guy because he killed people in an airport - something like that, but then, it's time to get in control and play. And it is then that something is off on you and the game becomes a sport.
    Then, Lucas said:
    George Lucas
    But you can not create empathy for someone who will have to kill, then it all goes to waste.
    Spielberg also suggested that the control affects the experience, and cited the Kinect.
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      Morons never played an RPG lol.
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      As I posted on FB:

      <span style="color:rgb(20,24,35);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:12px;background-color:rgb(246,247,248);">Coming from the guy who destroyed his franchise with the 3 prequels because the story was just flubber challenged</span>

      <span style="color:rgb(20,24,35);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:12px;background-color:rgb(246,247,248);">Edit: really? the last 2 words were changed? I can understand the "F" word being censored, but the "R" word(the one that means by definition very foolish or stupid) which isn't even a swear?</span>
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      But Georgie!! What was Maniac Mansion???
      That was a great "game". ....ahem so was Mercenaries P.O.D.

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