Gears of War UE: ''Our greatest challenge was to Maintain constant 60FPS''

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Gears of War UE: ''Our greatest challenge was to Maintain constant 60FPS''

FreddyZVoorhees Jul 23, 2015

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    We look forward to see if The Coalition will continue to keep the level of the series Gears of War with the fourth title in the series and we can get a preview with the Ultimate Edition the first game of the series.

    A The Coalition may be working hard on Gears of War 4, the much anticipated following the franchise, but rather, it will have to prove to the remake of the first game which will be available Xbox One next month.

    The GamingBolt site had the opportunity to talk to Peter, lead designer of The Coalition on what was the biggest challenge in the development of Gears of War:. Ultimate Edition for Xbox One. The answer? Maintain constant 60FPS.

    ''It was great, and as in any other project, we had ups and downs. Technically speaking, the biggest challenge was maintaining 60 frames per second. Keep all visual and lighting effects at that rate, it's beautiful.''

    Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is being produced by The Coalition and will be released on August 25th for Xbox One and later for PC.
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