GameStop Thinks Digital Games May Be Too Cheap

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Nasyr, Nov 25, 2014.

GameStop Thinks Digital Games May Be Too Cheap

Nasyr Nov 25, 2014

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    GameStop is at a constant worry of there prices being at an all time low when offering games as digital copies. They mainly started this trend of offering low prices for the digital copies to attract more buyers to the game or even to the store. Not always ways this easily accomplishable so, they had to keep dropping the price. And well I think you all can catch on to this future domino effect it as it is. But they are starting to notice negatives in there profit ranges, and this has sparked a scare across the boards of GameStop.

    GameStop plans to rise the prices again as they once were. They will not be destructive and raise it $50 but, they will be raising them a fair amount as to where it can work out for them and the customer themselves. Not everyone will agree to this change because there are so use to having not to pay a lot but, i'm sure everyone will adjust. Which I personally don't mind this but, I really do wonder how small they were planning on letting the prices get before they woke up into the real world where really everything is about money, profit, and leading in the business industry as a whole.

    Not to follow too short behind there executive of GameStop takes a leave from the gaming area to go else where. This leaves GameStop at a freeze, and well without a Executive anymore. I hope they deem to find another one soon. What exactly do you guys think of the price raises on digital game copies?
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    1. Bullet
      I think its about time savings were passed on to gamers via digital stores. Less overheads should mean lower prices for the consumer.
    2. Nasyr
      I would agree of the same but, GameStop really has no footing to stand on more or less because of there profit issues they can not seem to manage themselves.
    3. s1m0n
      Digital only sales are bad for consumers... more so on console because we wont get good savings like we do in the shops. Now if console digital sales were more like steam where you can pick up a good code from other places or you get a steam flash sale. Then we would benefit.
    4. sensi420
      They must not be talking about Xbox One games, $59.99 for disc $60.00 for digital.

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