Gain Subs On Youtube Join Team Media Today!

Discussion in 'Articles' started by XPG Darkside, Jan 5, 2014.

Gain Subs On Youtube Join Team Media Today!

XPG Darkside Jan 5, 2014

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    Team Media are Recuiting after the great success we have had so far within our great multi-gaming community.

    At Team Media we are always looking out for new members with fresh ideas to help promote XPG on every platform.

    We are a recognised group that have experience in Youtube, Twitter etc.

    Our team has been around now for 5 months and we plan to stay alive for plenty more to come.

    Currently we are looking for new members in the following sections.
    • Promoters
    • Editors
    • Graphics
    On the graphics side of Team Media we are looking for members talented in making YouTube intros and outro's, and who are able to make banners, thumbnails, icons ect.

    Which will be used when posting our videos on the site and other social media platforms.

    On the promotion side of Team Media we are looking for members who can promote our Site/Team via the social media platforms, i.e Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter if you are willing to promote our content.

    And lastly editors we are looking for members who can bring the latest hands on gaming news, reviews, previews, and trailers to us via the mentioned platforms above.

    If you feel you fit any of the criteria above please leave us a reply below our contact either myself or rocky via PM and we will get back to you.

    Thanks Team Media.
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