Friday the 13th(The game) has been announced

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Friday the 13th(The game) has been announced

FreddyZVoorhees Oct 13, 2015

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    It was launched on Kickstarter today (, the campaign to fund the new game from Gun Media / Illfonic "Friday the 13th" that will immerse players in the famous skin "Jason Voorhees" to pursue the camp counselors in Crystal Lake, or play as one of the persecuted in an attempt to survive the night.


    Jason will move menacingly toward him and still reach you - because no matter how fast you run, he walks faster. Also, I always stumble. Why are you clumsy. And you always hide in stupid places. Or make sex. You always die after having sex. Or taking a bath. Or go swimming naked. Or even breathe loudly. All of those are classics of Friday the 13th.

    Anyway, with all the jokes used excessively in horror films set aside, Friday the 13th is a game set in third-person, multiplayer up to eight players asymmetrical, where one player controls Jason and the seven other camp counselors.
    The game will have none other than Kane Hodder, who played Jason in the movies, 7-10.
    Composer Harry Manfredini, who was responsible for the original soundtrack of Friday the 13th is also involved. And the horror of Mestro Sean S. Cunningham who directed and produced the original film created and Jason, and Tom Savini, one íncone special effects that work in movies 1 to 4. Savini help in "deaths and brutality" in the game.
    31 days remaining to complete the fundraising campaign, about 800 backers have done pledge of more than $ 40,000, to reach the goal of $ 700,000. The game is in development for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, with a delivery estimate for October 2016.
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