Far Cry 4 DLC Adds New Exciting Features

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Far Cry 4 DLC Adds New Exciting Features

Nasyr Feb 11, 2015

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    This Tuesday, Ubisoft has really been bringing in the content with yet another DLC release. They decided to name this DLC "Overrun." Which I think brings many ideals to mind as far as additions and updates/fixes they may be sending out this time around. They have released a new PvP mode, which most may take interest in. As well as releasing more new maps and vehicles to really change the experience of the game. I can be one to say that Ubisoft is one of the many companies I like who always "wow" me with their new updates and content they continue to release out there. Although that may be fun talk, let's dive into these new additions sparking talk all around!

    So to start, this new PvP level... It is a new game mode they added which really gets teammates thinking about strategies and the best to work as a team for specific strengths. The main idea is to basically hold 3 zones or areas which will earn you points. These points will start to add up eventually getting you the much deserved victory. (Hopefully). The length of these games are two separate rounds which restarts the score for each time and at the end the scores will be adding together for what you got for both ending rounds. And the new vehicle which I find to be pretty funny for a name is the Dune Buggy. This vehicle has it all from power to speed to killer necessities you made need while playing. The maps they added, as you would have expected, really do fit the new format they are setting out there for strategies and tactics in four new maps. They haven't given anymore information on that yet though.​
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