Fallout: New Vegas Modders Looking For Testers

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Fallout: New Vegas Modders Looking For Testers

Bullet Jan 29, 2016

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    Fallout 4: New Vegas is getting a new multiplayer mod and they are looking for people like you to become testers!
    You can sign up by going to the NV.MP website where you will be greeted by a sign up screen that has the following text on an old looking green screen:
    Connected to mainframe server.
    ~$ boot unified --mod ./nvmp.a
    Robco industries unified operating system
    Copyright 2075-2077 Robco industries
    -Server 3-
    All applicants must complete their initial registration form for entry into the first phase of closed testing.
    Please only complete this form once, multiple applications will void all existing entries.
    Once you submit the form to our testing platform, you will be redirected to our discussion area where you may or may not talk about your entry to our testing platform!
    Meet other applicants and talk about the great environment that is the Nevada state.
    Let's get started.
    Your username is how other users of the virtual environment will refer to you, please us a name that won't offend anyone and doesn't contain profanity.
    You may not change this in the future, so please pick wisely.
    ~Enter the username you would like to use:
    If you feel like this is something you could be involved in, than sign up here: http://nv-mp.com/
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