External Game Storage “Coming Soon" On Xbox One

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External Game Storage “Coming Soon" On Xbox One

Bullet Apr 4, 2014

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    Major Nelson has confirmed that the much needed external storage feature Xbox One will be coming soon. Gamers will soon be able to add their own external storage, although its not confirmed whether that will include media.
    The Xbox One shipped with a measly 500GB HDD, that unlike Sony's PS4 is sealed away inside the console and can not be replaced. A method was devised for actually replacing the internal storage on the Xbox One, but it would void your warranty should you attempt to do it as it involves opening up the Xbox case.
    With Xbox One games a lot bigger than its predecessor the Xbox 360, external storage is proportionately smaller.

    Here's a list of games for the next gen console with install sizes:
    • Angry Birds Star Wars: 1.81 GB
    • Assassin's Creed 4: 20.25GB
    • Battlefield 4: 33.66GB
    • Battlefield 4 Premium: 8.18MB
    • Call of Duty: Ghosts: 39.5GB
    • Crimson Dragon: 6.88GB
    • Dead Rising 3: 19.9GB
    • Dead Rising 3: Day One Premium Edition: no size
    • FIFA 14: 8.7GB
    • Fighter Within: 9.22 GB
    • Forza 5: 31.76 GB
    • Just Dance 2014: 22.97GB
    • Killer Instinct: 3.25GB
    • Killer Instinct Ultra Edition: 3.25GB + 7.51MB
    • Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason: 3.09GB
    • Lego Marvel Super Heroes: 6.48GB
    • LocoCyle: 13.17GB
    • Madden NFL 25: 12.51GB
    • NBA 2K14: 43.14GB
    • NBA Live 14: 9GB
    • Need for Speed: Rivals: 15.35GB
    • Powerstar Golf: 3.92GB
    • Ryse: 34.94GB
    • Skylanders Swap Force: 15.72GB
    • Xbox Fitness: 252.13MB
    • Zoo Tycoon: 2.62 GB
    • Zumba Fitness World Party: 24.14GB
    If you were to buy every game available for the Xbox One you wouldn't have the room on the 500GB internal storage, that's without taking into consideration game updates which can be UPTO 2gb alone.

    Major Nelson also echoes what Phil Spencer, the new head of Xbox has said regarding 'a lot of good work going behind the scene for the Xbox One'. Im pretty sure that has something to do with the Wearable Computing Assets that Microsoft brought for a reported $150 million. We also know that E3 is fast approaching and its in Microsoft's interest to sort out some of the major issues that currently plague the Xbox One, such as lack of storage space.
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