Everyone Please Welcome AlexKyori to TeamXPG Sr

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Everyone Please Welcome AlexKyori to TeamXPG Sr

sensi420 Aug 8, 2013

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    In your kitchen drinking your MILK!!!

    As everyone has seen AlexKyori has been producing a lot of great Content ever since Joining TeamXPG Dev. It has been my pleasure to teach him tips and tricks for making such great game trainers and watching how fast he learned and applied them in his trainers. He has evolved way past my expectations and I personally think he is one of the top trainer makers around. His work ethic is outstanding and is always helpful with members having any issues in a polite manner.

    And for all his work and effort I am proud to announce AlexKyori has been promoted to TeamXPG Sr

    Congratulations my friend...

    Thank you from the Admins and TeamXPG for your hard work and time shared with us here on XPGamesaves.com We cant wait to see your next great Trainer
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