Dying Light continues to joke on Destiny's Red Bull promotion

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Dying Light continues to joke on Destiny's Red Bull promotion

FreddyZVoorhees Jun 27, 2015

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    Techland did not want to drop the bone and continued to enjoy with Destiny with a new promotional campaign in which the fans can unlock several free DLCs, for this just post photos to drink a glass of water on Twitter with the tag #DrinkforDLC.

    The fun of Techland to Destiny game began yesterday when came the details of a partnership between Bungie / Activision and Red Bull to be an exclusive quest brand of energy drinks in Destiny.

    In response, producers of Dying Light launched a campaign to encourage fans to drink water to make a code to unlock a weapon in the game. Now fans can continue to drink water and unlock more free DLCs.

    In Destiny fans will have to buy a can of Red Bull and enter a code to gain access to a quest that will be exclusive until the beginning of 2016. We must praise the attitude of Techland.

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