Destiny servers offline while Bungie perform network maintenance

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Destiny servers offline while Bungie perform network maintenance

Bullet Oct 7, 2014

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    Bungie are currently working away on the Destiny servers to fix some of the connection issues that many Guardians have been experiencing along with some other client and and server fixes.

    Bungie recently issued a warning that we would experience some downtime on Destiny due to the server fixes taking place, so if you are trying to connect to the Destiny servers right now you will not be able to whilst the latest fixes are being applied.

    The new patch ( is aimed at improving server stability and fixing connection issues. "The player experience will remain unchanged, aside from the stability for some users who have encountered issues connecting to servers," says Bungie. The full Patch notes can be found here.

    Today is the start of the 'Iron Banner' a week-long Crucible event removes weapon balancing in multiplayer. There are also new goodies to be earned such as legendary rewards and Armour. This hotfix couldn't have come at a worse time!

    Welcome to the future of gaming my friends, mandatory always online connection means long periods of downtime when your favourite games servers go offline for whatever reason.
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