Destiny patch Fixes Cave Farming And Other Exploits

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Destiny patch Fixes Cave Farming And Other Exploits

XPG Darkside Sep 25, 2014

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    Bungie have just rolled out yet another update for Destiny bringing the patch number to, this latest patch fixes a few well known and well used farming methods along with dismantling Queens wrath gear to acquire Ascendant shards.

    The full change log is listed below:
    We can fully understand the patching of the 'Treasure Cave' as you could often find numerous players surrounding the cave reaping the benefits of monotony. What do you think about the latest update? Let us know in the comments below.
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    1. GoldZ
      no point in doing the queen missions if you are fully upgraded, they just made that 100% pointless if you dont get the shards, only reason high levels do it!
    2. De
      first day I got 6 of the same head gear yesteray 6 of the same chest pecies today 4 of the same chest pieces completely pointless event now even for low levels as you only need 1 and where are the boots and gauntlets stupid only doing helmet and chest

      and where are these 3 free dlc's they promised to start rolling out after 2 weeks in preperation for the paid expansion packs getting board now I have 2 warlocks level 29 and a hunter 29 (if your wondering why I have 2 warlocks well its so I can do the raid twice in the hope of the raid gear to et to 30)
    3. teameffigy
      nice. What - do they expect me to just hang out in the crucible and play COD pvp now? Phugh...

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