Destiny Needs New Content Fast!

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Bullet, Oct 5, 2014.

Destiny Needs New Content Fast!

Bullet Oct 5, 2014

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    Destiny instantly appeals to a lot of gamers largely due to the fact that it's very 'Haloesque', sure it looks great and you quickly get drawn into the leveling system.... but there is where the game kind of loses its appeal.

    If you are one of those gamers that loves to grind the same levels over and over and isn't interested in storylines particularly, but more interested in feeding the digital rewards syndrome that you have, then you are probably well on your way to level 30 right now with exotic gear and an inventory full of goodies to level up the next weapon you get from Xur 'Agent Of The Nine'.

    Meanwhile typical gamers who actually want to play a game with a plot, and gripping storyline, the type of gamer that doesn't want to play the same levels over repeatedly, then chances are you are already bored of Destiny.

    Destiny is seriously lacking content, even the latest 'New' content 'The Queen's Wrath' didn't add new events, it still involves grinding the same events and levels repeatedly. Even the Queens Wrath bounties are very similar to existing bounties.

    The lack of imagination echoes throughout Destiny, with weak dialogue and poor plot and even weaker content means the hype soon wears off to reveal a small and limited game.

    A recent update caused a glitch in Destiny which revealed some planned future updates for the game which is set to add new strikes, stories and raids called “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves but that isn't set for release until December!

    Are you still fully hooked on Destiny or has the shine gone off the game for you already? Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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    1. De
      I have two at lv29 and one at 30 now and getting board really bad 12 exotic weapons most fully leveled and find myself running through everything now in minutes raid in less than 50 each time really need some new content everyone in my clan is getting really board same crap all day everyday now please bring on the suposed free dlc, which I really hope isn't what they men't and gave us the queens wrath and the upcomming iron banner I do hope that's not the free dlc. I have the season pass but really looking at it all in that glitch its all still really low level stuff even the expanstion pack 2 stuff strikes at level 16, 22, 24. Are we going to ever get a level increase? are we ever going to be able to equip all our exotic weapons and gear all at once?, I have exotic everything except boots, primary, special and heavy all exotic, helmet, gauntlets and chest armour all exotic I want to be able to equip it all at the same time. I think level 30 thats it never gunna be any more than that. Oh and I want to be able to have more than 3 characters
    2. solidcool
      I got to 25 and got bord. all the grinding and the lack of comunication just killed destiny for me, only playit ifall friends are on but the fireteams just piss me off. its just a port of last generation.
    3. nostalgik
      The game is fantastic in every possible way. It taught me about life, and it gave me hope. It's what we need for world peace. And I wanna be legend, too. </Sarcasm>

      I don't like Bungie, and I never liked Halo and it was 10 times the game destiny will ever be. When they announced the game in a very cheesy kind of a teaser, I laughed and thought "who'd be dumb enough to buy that sh*t?" Well, the person who thought they'd buy it for me on my birthday was.

      Having played the game, and did few runs here and there after the main story (if there was any) ended. And here what I think:

      Bungie couldn't let go of Halo, and it wouldn't be easy for them to do so. Both character and level designs feel like they were cut from Halo and were given new names. The same holds true for the icon design.

      The story is probably written by -quoting Kevin Smith- "A retard who's fking their cousin."

      Cheesy, and untalented voice acting. The ghost is so effing annoying, and Lord Shaxx is even worse.

      Characters, names, places and everything are forgettable.

      But, I got the game for free and it was the pre-order full game. I think I don't have the right to complain. However, I stopped playing the game long before the raid was even revealed.

      PvZ: Garden warfare is way more fun and rewarding.

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