Destiny: Infinite Ammo Mods Being Used Online

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Destiny: Infinite Ammo Mods Being Used Online

OXO Sep 15, 2014

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    It didn't take long for someone to start modding Destiny online and the chances are if you haven't already, you will meet someone online soon that is using cheats.

    A video has emerged on Youtube showing a video of Infinite ammo and no reload mods being used. The mods that are used in the campaign will also be able to be used in online versus matches.

    In the video you can see a gamer on Destiny has maxed out ammo for all weapons including a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle which can be fired repeatedly without the need to reload.

    Chances are you will not see these mods online if you are playing Destiny on an Xbox One or PS4 as the method used to get the mods is currently only possible on older consoles such as the Xbox 360 or PS3.

    Comments have been disabled on the Youtube video which you can see below, so chances are there are a lot of Destiny fans that are angry about these online mods, most likely Halo fans that have seen this kind of thing before.

    Bungie are no strangers to dealing with modders, past titles such as Halo 3 were blighted with mods such as aimbots and Godmode. The question is, what is Bungie going to do about it?

    What do you think about these mods, harmless fun or ruining the game for everyone else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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    1. hansolo77
      Honestly, the game is so fragile right now, I think Bungie is more worried about server stability than they are about modders at this point. However, once the kinks of a new game launch are worked out, you can bet Bungie will be on this guy right away.

      The game is ONLINE, everything is on their servers. There is no offline campaign where you are by yourself. Bungie can instantly see if somebody has 9999 sniper and rocket ammo because the clip sizes are only like 12. For proof of concept, it's interesting. But I'd hate to be that guy, who just bought a $60 game, and has a GOLD membership with Xbox Live, just get banned for making the mod.
    2. Deeked
      For the record, they are MAGAZINES. Not CLIPS!

      A clip describes cartridges held together with a strip until they are loaded into a firearm.

      A magazine on the other hand is is a container that holds the cartridges. Sometimes magazines themselves are loaded with cartridges by clips. On most firearms a magazine is detachable and replaceable.
    3. si
      Exactly why I stopped playing Halo online. I hate playing with cheaters with a passion so I do not play online mulltiplayer anymore. I hope they do not figure out how to do it on xbox one.

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