Destiny Glitch Reveals Future Content

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Destiny Glitch Reveals Future Content

Bullet Sep 28, 2014

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    A Destiny fan encountered a glitch which prevented him from entering the Tower, but at the same time revealed some new missions including new strikes and raids.
    When the anonymous gamer tried to enter the Tower they were greeted with a message which read "Requirements Not Met" which prompted the anon gamer to try other areas of the map only to reveal new missions and new strikes.


    Luckily for us the glitch has been recorded and we can see the locked content as the gamer tries to access different areas of the map, revealing the new missions along with an error that reads " Expansion Required".


    You can watch the video which is already creating quite a bit of controversy among Destiny fans here.

    The real question is of course, was the hidden content locked on disc from the start, or is it a case of the icons being hidden ready for an update for the upcoming DLC?

    What are your thoughts, did Bungie sell out when they signed up with Activision? Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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