Dead Rising 3 Next Gen Graphics Too Much For Aging Xbox 360.

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Dead Rising 3 Next Gen Graphics Too Much For Aging Xbox 360.

Bullet Sep 30, 2013

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    Dead Rising 3 will have dynamic zombie characters. No two zombies will look the same in the game. This is one of the reasons that Dead rising 3 will not be coming to the Xbox 360, confirmed by Capcom producer Mike Jones in an interview with CVG.
    Jones agreed that consumer demand for more detail in next-gen titles has made creating open world games a more expensive pursuit.
    "Absolutely it costs more money and more time," he said. "But ultimately it yields a more unique experience and you'll run through the world and know where stuff is without looking at the map because everything has its own feel."
    In order to achieve a more lifelike world, Capcom has also introduced procedurally generated zombies.
    "You'll never see the same zombie twice," Jones said.
    "It's all procedurally generated: hair styles, clothing, colours, textures. And the gore is too: missing jaws, missing eyes... it's all totally dynamic. That's a whole system that we built. We didn't just model the zombies, we had to model the pieces and the system puts them together."
    Capcom did have intentions of releasing Dead rising 3 on the Xbox 360, but decided that the almost 10 year old hardware wouldnt cope with the games next gen graphics. Capcom wanted to create an open world without the need for loading screens and the ability to have hordes of zombies onscreen at the same time without lag.

    Dead Rising 3 is among over 20 launch titles for the Xbox One. The system releases November 22.

    Source: CVG
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