Dead Island 2: The Zombies Are Real

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Dead Island 2: The Zombies Are Real

Nasyr Aug 23, 2014

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    The endless epidemic of disease has come back for round 2 in the human vs zombie wars. The excitingly visual trailer can be seen here. The new game entails fairly off the first one with a change in the story and entitled jobs of the humans. The humans are immune to the zombie disease and are all about taking advantage of there ability. Looting and enjoying there zombie killing frenzies as they go, but can it always last forever?

    In the initial game demo, it started out with a survivor who is looking through houses rummaging what he could find and look for anyone that is also a survivor. The survivor ended up finding a group of people that were staging an intermediate wedding in the middle of the zombies quarantine zone. The character told the couple that it was a terrible idea to do this and then they heard the squealing of truck tires coming down the road...

    The creators are now allowing you to pick your choice of weapon, side arm, and special. For example, you can choose a bat or machete or special abilites. You have the new ability to freeze and fry zombies. This gives you the advantage that follows into slowing them down and killing them. The scenery and map involvement change drastically to put yourself more into the game and detailed involvement when moving. From buildings exploding to doors being kicked in, it offers many things.

    Dead Island 2 comes out December 31st, 2015 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Could you be the reason the epidemic ends or spreads? It's up to you to stop the zombie race and find its source. Are you up for it or will you be the one to hide and run from the fears that haunt you in your dreams? The source of the spread is essential in finding, but it wont be easy finding. Show us what you're made of!
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