Darksiders 2: Deathinitive edition announced and... Darksiders 3(rumor)?

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Darksiders 2: Deathinitive edition announced and... Darksiders 3(rumor)?

FreddyZVoorhees Jun 11, 2015

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    Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the end of the year, bringing any additional content packs ever released for the game hack 'n' slash with RPG elements.

    In addition to the DLCs, the version for new generation will naturally have graphics in 1080p resolution. Not only visual live the remaster, as changes related to balancing the gameplay and distribution of loot were also made.


    The port was done by Gunfire Games, team composed almost entirely of Vigil Games employees, responsible for the original development of Darksiders, under the watchful eye of the developer Nordic Games, studio bought the rights to the franchise when THQ went bankrupt.

    Reinhard Pollice, the Nordic Games, said: "We took the series for about two years ago and we think in the next chapter for Darksiders since Naturally, there will be major projects based on Darksiders, but at the moment it is very important to get these games. existing and make them available to a wider audience. "


    "Bring Darksiders 2 for the current generation was a logical move and the Gunfire Games team knows the job, backwards, so we had several ideas of what we wanted to achieve with this issue."

    Nordic appears to be preparing to launch unique designs of the series, as a possible Darksiders 3 with Pollice, saying. "We assume the franchise about two years ago and I thought about the next chapter for Darksiders since Naturally (and extremely excited !), There will be a large scale project based on Darksiders. "
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    1. Ti
      I really don't see the reasons for darksiders 2 for ps4 . Don't get me wrong I really liked the game 1 and 2. But to play all over again on ps4 no thanks. It's just like god of war. I liked all the parts 1 2 3. But ever since they came out with all these bullshit... Story line to it. Don't take step backward It just killes the game. Just make Darksiders 3 for PS3, PS4, XBOX360 and XBOX One. That's how u are going to make your bling bling and make us Darksiders lover get back into the game. Best of luck....
    2. SupersaiyanSSJ4
      <u><strong>Tiger2013</strong></u> is Right who gives a crud that Nordic is Re-releasing Darksiders 2 with additional DLC. It doe's the first Darksiders game an Injustice since there where never any DLC for the first Game. In Deaths story we got to change Armor as we found and bought it but Wars story had no Option. the only armor in D1 was the Abyssal Armor and once all pieces where found you could equipped it but could not take it off like in D2. If they want to Release a New Darksiders game hurry Up and Get D3 made we have all waited long enough and they have had more then enough time to come up with ideas for it so don't go making excuses that it's still on the table for future plains. So if your game designers and story board out liners can't get it done ask the fans we all have hundreds of Great Ideas on how the Next Installment should go and who the story is About this time since they is only 2 Horsemen Left. Strife for D3 and Fury for D4 and the Final Conclusion to the Story's final END.

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