Black Ops 3: Permanent Bans

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Black Ops 3: Permanent Bans

Nasyr Nov 25, 2015

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    As of recent timing it has been called upon again for the Treyarch enforcement team to bring down the law on some unruly gamers. You may have experience or, seen some people who take advantage of the custom emblems area of the game. There is now a wave of people who have these things in their profile now banned from using the feature ever again. When you commit this offense, they simply do not allow you to use the feature anymore, there is no actual ban occurring. Although some of things we may see, we would want people to get banned but, that is just not the case here. ​
    You may see lewd and engrossing images, profanity, and general immature symbols. Basically, don't be dumb. There is no reason to put inappropriate images or words in your gaming picture for a little laugh, which then makes me laugh at you when you can't edit it any longer. ​
    Picture of the Error Message Below:
    Pretty straight forward, and proves to you that this is not a rumor and completely and 100% true. There is no possible way to undo this error message, as of yet. The only way is to create a new profile but, i'm sure people will figure out soon how to get around this ban error message.​
    What do you think about them cracking down on this?​
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