Black Ops 3: Decoding The Game

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Black Ops 3: Decoding The Game

Nasyr Nov 10, 2015

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    In recent light of the games launch many people have found a little hidden menu the game has to offer. It was only found out recently to be a cheat code menu and allows you to get hidden items as well as a code the community has discovered where you can get 100 Kit-Fabrications. The catch is that this code can only be used once, type in the code "MANIFEST."​
    The reason this was a undiscovered or said thing is that fact directly that it is a cheat menu that they give no information on. No, it's not a bad cheat menu they put it in the game and you will not be banned for using it. The hard thing about using the menu is that it doesn't not pop up anything or basically tell you, "Hey, you found something!" Sort of have to type a code in, back out and see if it did anything. Hard, don't you think?​
    To access the cheat code menu, you will need to follow the process below in which a Youtube gamer was able to find and release in light of everyone asking. "There are actually 2 button combinations. Hold R2/RT, and hit Square/X, then Triangle/Y, OR Hit Square/X, then Triangle/Y, then press R2/RT. No need to hold all of the shoulder buttons." ​
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