Bioshock Korean & Japanese Full Saveset 1000gs PART 2/4[Legit Order]

Faresss May 16, 2011

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    File Name: Bioshock Korean & Japanese Full Saveset 1000gs PART 2/4
    File Submitter: Faresss
    File Submitted: 16 May 2011
    File Category: Xbox360 Legit Order Saves

    This is part two of 4 parts. Do not download it unless you will download the rest of the parts.

    Extract the downloaded files then extract the exctracted file again to get the gamesaves.

    This is 100% legit order saveset. It been created using the Korean version.

    The same files will work with the Japanese version. You should create your own savefile for the game and then use the same folder on your save device for best results.

    There is no DLC for this version.

    The set rar compression size is 300MB while 7z achieves 78MB only.

    Do not pop many achievements in the same day if you will pop them online. Spread them over 3 to 5 days.

    For some files, the instructions are included in the same folder.

    For the rest, it either involves walking forward, clicking on the shiny object infront of you, killing the target, completing a hack or an invention or taking a picture.

    You would know by the setting as you load the save. Refer to achievement descriptions online if you still have trouble as what to do. If you failed to pop the achievement, then reload the save.

    The save for the last battle has been optimised. Everything is maxed out. Watch the battle on youtube if you have trouble beating him.

    The folder ID for the Korean version is 54540822 and for the Jap version is 5454081F.

    I am working on the german version of the game. The normal readily available saveset works but some file freeze the game in the german version. I will post it once I have a good working saveset.

    The Korean version can be found on Gmarket and the Jap version can be found on Rakuten. You will need to have an NTSC-J machine in both cases.

    I hope the above info was useful. Post on XPG for any questions.

    This saveset has never been posted anywhere before. It is made exclusivley for XPG.

    More to come...

    Faresss aka saree3

    Click here to download this file
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    This set worked beautiful for both Korean and Japanese!

    However, I have a few details I can add in that wasn't provided to help others:

    16. One Fully Upgraded Weapon - Shotgun Rate of Fire
    23. Two Fully Upgraded Weapons - Gernade Launcher Damage Immunity
    29. Three Fully Upgraded Weapons - Crossbow Breakage Chance
    34. Four Fully Upgraded Weapons - Machine Gun Damage Increase
    39. Five Fully Upgraded Weapons - Pistol Clip Size

    21. Hit The Jackpot - just keep hitting the slot machine until you hit the jackpot.
    (it can take some time, it's random when it gives it to you).
    36. Irony - take a picture of sander cohen.

    And as for Tonic Collector, just load save 46 turn around and go through a few doors until you come acorss some people and kill them and pick up what they have and you will get the achievement instantly.

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