BioShock Infinite Launch is Delayed Til March 26th

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BioShock Infinite Launch is Delayed Til March 26th

Rocky Dec 7, 2012

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    BioShock Infinite has been delayed an additional four weeks for some extra polish, Irrational Games' Creative Director, Ken Levine has announced at an event for the game today. Infinite had been scheduled to launch globally on February 26th, 2013, but it'll now surface a month later.

    "Okay, guys, I have some bad news," said Levine. ‘When Rod [Fergusson, Epic's former Production Director] came on the project a couple of months ago – and this dude is living in a hotel nearby because he really wanted to work on Infinite – he really fell in love with the game. But he said, 'look, Ken, I really think the game would benefit from three or four more weeks'.

    "I thought ahead to this conversation and went 'Oh God!'," Levine continued. "But at the end of the day, we've got to ship a great game. So if it's three or four more weeks, then it's three or four more weeks. So it's March 26th, now."

    Announced in 2010, BioShock Infinite had been slated for a mid-October 2012 launch, before being pushed into February 2013 in a bid to make the game "into something even more extraordinary". It'll now be launching on March 26th, 2013. No doubt, it'll be worth the wait.


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    1. universalmodder
      OMG again this game is never going to come out
    2. 0ocskillshot
      i was really looking forward to this game coming out in feburary
    3. 0ocskillshot
      i was really looking forward to this game coming out in February
    4. Tr
      I dunno but I rather if they polished the game rather than just have a really choppy game with day one updates. Honestly I hope this game can restore my faith in gaming cause honestly if ubisoft worked on ACIII for three years then they should change something cause that game was really buggy
    5. StrontiumDog
      At the rate it's going it'll end up on the next generation of consoles.
    6. universalmodder
      GTFO!!!! ryanforsaith you cant get free points
    7. JohnnyCantsleep
      I hope no matter how long the wait, Bioshock : Infinite will manage to keep the environment just as immersive with minimal dissappointment. I remember my first playthrough of Bioshock 1, it was amazing, although in Bioshock 2, I felt weak and unattached to playing as subject Delta, as the story progressed I felt a little more submerged but still no awe. They did still manage to keep me from harvesting little sisters, for some reason I always felt guilty for that move, but all and all, with all the hype and previews, I cant wait to sit down and step into the world of Bioshock : Infinite. Hopefully, this March end release date will see no more delays and will definitely bring back the awe and amazement I felt with my first venture into the series.

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