Battlefield Hardline: Delays and Details

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Battlefield Hardline: Delays and Details

Nasyr Aug 11, 2014

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    Battlefield Hardline, the game that has sparked new interests and thoughts among other gamers. Check out the 6 minute gameplay/sneak peek here. This gameplay shows numerous shocking and thrilling sneak peeks. It starts out as a news chopper reporting the event, then it dives in deeper to the action going on.

    This game is based on a well known game type many of us have played before, "Cops & Robbers." Your squad, also known as your teammates, will be hijacking a armored car and stealing the money/loot inside. The cops job is to stop your escape and get the money back. They will do as much as possible to stop you. As the robbers job is to escape with the loot, or try to.

    Now from recent news from the Battlefield HQ.. They stated that the game would be delayed to middle 2015. The details are to fix and better develop items within the game. They also finished up the Beta there after, so I would assume they got some complaints that went wrong with the game. Characterization and sync are also being fixed to make the robbery go out with more of a bang.

    The robbers have the ability to semi-machine gun, pistol or use a bat. Each weapon comes in handy for different escape areas you will have to go through. Now the cops have the ability to semi-machine gun, pistol and use a taser. The taser is the essential cool part as you can see it being used in some parts of the video.

    What is your weapon choice for the robbery? What do you think of this game so far?
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