Preview Axed Streets of Rage reimagining shown in gameplay video

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Preview Axed Streets of Rage reimagining shown in gameplay video

Rocky Dec 5, 2012

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    A gameplay video for a proposed new entry in the Streets of Rage series has been published online.


    The now-canned, 3D reimagining of the side-scrolling beat 'em up franchise was previously in development at Crackdown 2 studio Ruffian Games.

    "So it seems like one of my previous projects has leaked, as pretty as I remember," Sean Noonan, formerly of Ruffian and now level designer on Watch Dogs at Ubisoft Montreal, wrote on Twitter.

    Update: Ruffian studio head Gaz Liddon has now posted a YouTube video of a playable prototype of the game with audio, which you can watch below. He also had this to say about the game:

    "Here are some scenes from a playable prototype. It was something we built very rapidly and represents pre-pre-pre-pre (lots of pres) pre-Alpha quality. Even so it has a certain charm :)

    "What's the story behind it all? Like a lot of developers we work on a lot of different prototypes, they're just not usually shown in public. In this case an older version of the same video was leaked last week which came as a bit of a surprise if I'm honest. As it had no sound I thought there wouldn't be any harm sharing a version with audio."

    Source - CVG

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