Activision pulls Black Ops 3's digital pre-order from Xbox Store

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Activision pulls Black Ops 3's digital pre-order from Xbox Store

Heavy Smoker Oct 8, 2015

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    Update: Activision pulled the standard version at least 6 days ago and the deluxe edition 4 days ago from the Xbox One Store. Now even the description says "Available at your local retailer for pre-order." Customers who already bought the game when the pre-order was live won't have any issues. New customers just can't buy it digitally on Xbox One. You can't even pre-order the Xbox One season pass on Amazon or Game anymore. We contacted Amazon Customer Support and they said there wasn't any error. The product was removed by the seller. Activision and Microsoft state that they're working together to bring the digital pre-order back to the store. If that's the case then why did Activision remove the season pass from other retailers? What's really going on?​
    Original Story:
    It seems as though Activision has pulled Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 from the Xbox One Store. While some users are reporting that it's available for pre-load, gamers wishing to buy the title can't do so anymore digitally. I verified this myself and wasn't able to purchase the game because all the bundles aren't available anymore. Even Xbox Support said the content was pulled from the store. Xbox Support will contact Activision to see if it can be put up again. ​
    Is this an error? If it is then why did Xbox Support recommend getting it from a retailer? According to Jimmy who initially broke the news, he hasn't been able to purchase Black Ops 3 digitally in 4 days! Could this be due to the marketing partnership with Sony? What do you think? ​
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