3DS Homebrew Exploit Release Nov 22nd

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3DS Homebrew Exploit Release Nov 22nd

Bullet Nov 16, 2014

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    Homebrew is coming to the Nintendo 3DS thanks to an exploit discovered by the guys over at GBAtemp who have been working on the exploit called 'SSSPwn' since August.

    This exploit is realy simple to launch in true Nintendo style using a modified boot.elf file which will be placed on the root of an SD card, and launched by opening the Wii mail/message center.

    Those of you who have ever jailbroken a Nintendo Wii will be familiar with the process, "The screen glitches out, and the exploit will launch, asking to install the homebrew channel. The concept here is very similar and launched in a similar manner - why break what currently works? says Ryukouki from GBAtemp.

    According to the information released today the Jailbreak will be very simple to perform and will work on any 3DS, whether old or new.
    To perform the exploit you will be required to go to a certain link which will be released on November the 22nd.
    Once you go to that link, you will be required to input the firmware version of your Nintendo 3DS. From there you will be prompted on how to proceed with installing the exploit.

    To perform this exploit you will need a certain Nintendo 3DS title, and we can expect more details on this nearer the time of release.
    Once you have exploited your handheld Nintendo 3DS you will have the Homebrew Channel, similar to that on the Nintendo Wii.
    smealum advises that this exploit is by no means perfect at this stage, however we are sure once its out there we can expect great things.
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