'Next Gen Title That Will Make You Flip' says Game Informer

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'Next Gen Title That Will Make You Flip' says Game Informer

Bullet Jan 7, 2014

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    Editor-In-Chief of Game Informer Andy McNamara has a kick ass cover reveal for Next-Gen only.

    " I should mention we have a kick ass cover reveal tomorrow morning at 11am Central. Next-Gen only that I think people will flip out over." Says Andy

    There has already been a ton of questions and a lot of speculation as too what the Next Gen reveal may be and some rumors have been ruled out already when someone asked if the reveal was about God of War, Gears of War or Half-Life 3.

    "I will disappoint you now, it is not either of those games. Or Half-Life 3 RT @The7thNumber: Better be Gears of War or God of War!"

    It has not yet been confirmed whether the title will be on Xbox One or PS4 at this point, so we will all have to wait until 11am Central ( 3pm GMT) to find out and see whether we flip or just sigh in disappointment!

    What Next Gen only title would make you flip out?
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