360Parts.co.uk & Xpgamesaves 100k members Giveaway

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360Parts.co.uk & Xpgamesaves 100k members Giveaway

Bullet Apr 8, 2012

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    Xpgamesaves 100k members Celebration Giveaway

    360Parts.co.uk the official Sponsor of Xpgamesaves has teamed up to celebrate the massive milestone of Xpgamesaves reaching 100,000 members.

    360Parts.co.uk is the U.Ks number 1 supplier of aftermarket Mods. Recommended to all enthusiasts by Xpgamesaves.

    360Parts has kindly supplied the following prizes:

    X360 Dock ODDE x1 = First prize

    Xecuter Coolrunner Rev-B x1 = Second prize

    Squirt 360 Coolrunner x1 = 3rd prize

    X-Bond Kamikaze Unlock Tool x1 = 4th prize

    In addition to these Xpgamesaves will add:

    Lifetime premium to the first prize winner

    6 month premium to the second prize winner

    3 month to the 3rd prize winner

    1 month to the 4th prize winner.

    These are excellant prizes , so its well worth entering. So heres what you got to do to stand a change of winning....

    Entry Rules

    In your post state that you love 360Parts.co.uk & Xpogamesaves.com

    Pick a number between 1-50

    Press the tweet button and facebook like under the thread.

    Winners will be picked using a random number generator.

    Good luck!

    Congratulations to all at Xpgamesaves and a massive thankyou to 360Parts.

    Entyer the competition HERE
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