343 Industries To Release A List of Improvements Soon

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343 Industries To Release A List of Improvements Soon

Nasyr Feb 2, 2015

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    The MCC community and all around aspects have grown greatly. Some in hate and some in enjoyment of the game. The yet recent beta they had, was something that popularly sparked interests or topics of discussion all around. The beta helped to improve game modes and mechanics of which they may have lacked in. Not only is that nice to hear but, what is better is that there actually taking the feedback into consideration. As to where other companies tend to be stubborn headed and change very little of what they have done. But that isn't the end of it... 343 Industries has said to release a complete list of all the improvements and changes they made to the game to prove they are not letting down the gamers and that they are serious about bringing the best quality to the gaming community.

    Josh Holmes, the executive producer of the game, is said to be releasing this list of improvements there making to the game. Also stating that the MCC community and overall experience they bring to gamers has always been there top priority at the studio. Not that the beta was at 100% but, many gamers believe it was close to. Actually surprising how well done it is so far, for how little to less that is done and still needs doing. Of course they know there will be bugs but, very few were reported if any. This game could be the next gen game and another step in the right direction. Keep your head on the move for more news on this game as well.
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