32 new Indie Devs Join Xbox One Developer Program

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32 new Indie Devs Join Xbox One Developer Program

Bullet Dec 4, 2013

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    Microsoft's Microsoft's [email protected] programme is attracting a lot of attention from the independent development community. In total 32 teams have signed up to the independent publishing program on Microsoft's next gen console.
    Teams such as Crytek , Double Fine, Half-Brick, Vlambeer, and Definition 6 are just some of the teams that are getting involved in Microsoft.s new developer program.

    Microsoft claims to have shipped over 50 SDKs to independent teams working on Xbox One projects too date and also intends to enable retail Xbox One units to be used as a dev kit in the not so distant future.

    Heres a full list of the first 32 teams to be accepted into [email protected]:
    • Vlambeer
    • Crytek
    • Born Ready
    • Slightly Mad Studios
    • Double Eleven
    • Inis
    • Comcept
    • Double Fine
    • Zen Studios
    • Half-Brick
    • Ninja Bee
    • Signal Studios
    • Zeboyd Games
    • Nicalis
    • The Men Who Wear Many Hats
    • Definition 6
    • Happion Labs
    • Team 17
    • Panic Button
    • Drinkbox
    • Team Colorblind
    • Capy
    • Behavior
    • Gaijin Games
    • The Odd Gentlemen
    • Way Forward
    • Other Ocean
    • Iron Galaxy
    • Jackbox Games
    • Hidden Path
    • High Voltage
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