Preview 007 Legends Skyfall Mission DLC Coming in November

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Preview 007 Legends Skyfall Mission DLC Coming in November

Rocky Oct 19, 2012

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    007 Legends is out everywhere today, having already released in North America earlier this week, and if you're hoping to play the Skyfall mission, then you're plum out of luck. It's not on the disc and won't be coming to Xbox 360 until late in November.

    Apparently, the Skyfall mission isn't on the disc to avoid spoiling the upcoming 23rd Bond movie, according to Activision. The film is out in the UK on October 26th, but doesn't release Stateside until November 9th. The free Skyfall mission DLC will surface on November 9th for PS3 players, but Xbox 360 players will have to wait until November 20th, thanks to a timed exclusivity deal.

    Eurocom says it's "an integral part of 007 Legends' story", so no doubt you'll be wanting to download 007 Legends Skyfall DLC for free when it surfaces on November 20th. 007 Legends features missions from Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Moonraker, Licence to Kill and Die Another Day. It's out now.

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    1. ol
      ...Good to hear, thanks for the info.
    2. De
      Still hasn't been release this I went on 007legends yesterday on Xbox and still no option to download it does say on the credits in game that it will be avalible first week of November I can't find any info on this if its been held of for another date do you know anything about it mate? ;)
    3. Rocky
      I'll see if I can find anything out tomorrow. I'm on my phone atm my Laptop is away getting fixed.

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