FatesVeil 1.1 and KOA Save Editor 3.0.3 04/06/2016

FatesVeil 1.1 and KOA Save Editor 3.0.3

  1. melstar66743
    <p>Ok, so this is the first time I've been to this site in a while, and curious, I checked to see if there was an update for the Kingdom of Amalur editor, FatesVeil. To my surprise, it was no longer on xpgamesaves downloadable section. So, I'm uploading the editor, and I found another which I am also uploading. Please keep in mind that unlike FatesVeil, I have not tried KOA Save Editor and I have no idea whether it works as well as FatesVeil.<br />
    The original uploader for FatesVeil is XPGKeyserSoze and the creator for the same editor is [cybersam]</p>