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Staff Ranks.

Founder Site Owner
Administrator Site Administrator
Staff Global Moderator
Section Mod Section Moderator

Special Ranks - Special ranks can be achieved by contributing to the site in one way or another!

360Revolution Dev Developer for 360Revolution
Developer Mod Tool Developer
Editor Site editor - Reporter
XPG Host Hosts Lobbies for the site
M.V.C Most Valued Contributor
Retired Staff Ex Site Staff
Team XPG XPG Exsclusive Modder
Trusted Seller Site Trusted Trader
XPG Uploader Outstanding Uploader
Mentor A Mentor To Others
GFX Artist Got GFX skills
Youtube Famous Affiliated with Xpgamesaves on Youtube
Speshal Awarded to " Speshal" members!
Premium Premium Account Holder
Lifetime Premium Lifetime Premium Account Holder
Donator+ Donate $30 or more in one go to recieve this gold badge.
Mega Donator $$$ Donate $100 or more in one go to recieve this Bling badge.

Post Ranks - Post ranks are based on the number of posts you make, the more you post the quicker you rank up.

Getting Started Made 10 Posts
Keener Made 50 Posts
Contributionist Made 100 Posts
Uber Contributionist Made 500 Posts
Xpgamesaves Junkie Made 1000 Posts
Godlike Made 5000 Posts
Insane Poster Made 10000Posts
Need Sun Son Made 20000 Posts