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  1. LittlBUGer
    Doing stuff... maybe... or not...
  2. Jo
    360 gta 5 mod need help on installation
  3. Gr1zzy
  4. Druski
  5. Benjadoo
    Benjadoo GutsTheBarbarian
    All I have to offer is bf1 and zombies chronicles dlc
  6. Benjadoo
  7. Benjadoo
    Benjadoo GutsTheBarbarian
    Can we gameshare gta on Xbox one I've been dying to get that game
  8. Ch
    Chris2k xpghax
  9. Mamaspoons
    I am back on such an amazing site after a long time :D!
  10. Druski
    Dear Saturday I love you
  11. Ch
    Chris2k Beermoney
    Sorry, can't seem to figure out how to PM you and it won't allow me to write my proper comment due to character limit. Please see Pastebin.

    Admin -

    Thank you.
  12. Ch
    Chris2k Beermoney
    Ehh, apparently this message didn't post at first. Removed.
  13. Lord Shrike
    Lord Shrike
    Always. Be. Gaming.
  14. Druski
    I love you
  15. Druski
    Dear Gran Turismo Sport
  16. MC
    Really I'm just tryna hit 5.... Lezzz get interactive
  17. MC
    Black hat fa life.... The matrix must be shut on
  18. MC
    Really hoping I can get to a level where I can make viable contributions to the gaming group.... Watch my fingers wear out my controller
  19. MC
    Really got ahold of gaming recently. Can't believe I missed all this
  20. MC
    Gaming is the platform of pure sci fi... Basically shaping the future making sci fi sci reality