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  1. $leepy
    What do you think about the Black ops 3 skin
  2. Ha
    Haze322 bluefree
    Do you have injustice 2?
  3. si
  4. Th
    Posting so my acc doesnt get dleted
  5. Xb
    XboxOne360Killer Its Gunsmoke
    Wanna gameshare for borderlands 1 ?
  6. Fragline-E
    Hello i am a COD Zombie player since World at War and i love any other genre too :) my second and third favourite game is Counter Strike Global Offensive and Borderlands 1/2/TP
  7. Fragline-E
  8. Gr
    Gr52vy gold972
    How exactly does the def jam icon trainer work?
  9. ET
    where do I post to be able to game share is it just here or what? I think i'm lost please help a newb out
  10. ET
    I'm a gamer with Attitude, if you can't take it then back off!!!
  11. ET
    Hi, I'm kinda new here, just found out I joined like years ago, lol
  12. Ki
  13. Lea W.
    Lea W.
    Hi eveyone im new here!
  14. |Kobe|
  15. |Kobe|
    Have a good day to anyone that reads this.
  16. |Kobe|
    This is my first time here. Just wanted to
  17. IE
    IEisernenFuchsI silverw972
    Hey man, you there? I'm interested as to know if I can get that FH3 off ya. Willing to make a deal.
  18. De
    Devin C
    Yeah lol , I need some help please :')
  19. De
    Devin C
    It says i need 5 posts before I can actually do anything on the forums page so am I at the right place ? lol
  20. De
    Devin C
    Anyone have any tips for me ?