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Bungie has recently released a list of all the known issues in its popular sci-shooter Destiny, some of the issues which are planned to be patched soon. Two minor hotfixes are known to go live on Monday. This hotfix will address minor bugs which were accidentally introduce within the 2.4.0 patch. Destiny's and patch will be going live on September 19th.

They will fix the Film Grain Problems as well as the impacting Revive Timers, some quest tracking bugs, and fix the volume levels on some of the Lord Shaxx's lines in the Crucible.

Bungie has also acknowledged the following issues within the game:
  • Clan Rosters are once again available in-game.
  • Private Matches are now available. Players may experience error code QUAIL if too many players attempt to join a fireteam all at once. If you receive this error code just try to re join the fire team.
  • Destiny – The Collection upgrade is currently unavailable for some qualifying players. We are actively working with platform partners to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
  • Public Event Rewards outlined within the Destiny Update 2.4.0 article are not yet in effect. This change will happen with the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron on September 20th, 2016.
  • The Consumed Ghost Shell no longer matches it’s icon in-game. We are actively investigating this issue.
  • The Firefly Perk may still cause some players to experience game crashes in some circumstances. We are continuing to investigate.
  • Taken War Heroic Strikes are not currently rewarding Legendary Marks upon the first three completions of this activity. We are actively investigating this issue.
  • The Chroma Grimoire Card is currently unavailable to new Destiny players. We are actively investigating this issue.
  • The Warlock Exotic Helmet “The Stag” is currently unavailable from Exotic Armor Blueprint...
I can tell that the NBA community is more than excited for the release of the new NBA 2k17 game which is to be released on September 20th, 2016. Yes its true you can receive NBA 3 days early before its official release date. How do you do this you ask? Well in order to receive the game early you have to Pre-Order NBA 2k17 Early Tip Off Edition which is approximately $60.

Buy Pre Ordering NBA 2k17 Early Tip-Off Edition you receive the game 3 days early and you also receive:
  • 5000 VC for use in NBA 2k17
  • MyTEAM Bundle (3 packs with a guaranteed Paul George card)
  • Early Access (4 days before standard release); and more!
The Early Tip Off Edition is available for all versions of the game and is available now. Pre Order today and start playing NBA 2k17.

For those of you who do not want to pre order you can check out the Free Prelude app which is available now, Allowing you to create a character for MyCareer Mode.

The games official release date is said to be September 20th , 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

For more information check out gamestop: http://www.gamestop.com/ps4/games/nba-2k17-early-tip-off-edition/130028
Phantasy Star Online released in the year 2000, was a huge success after attracting thousands of players around the whole world. However the game servers were shut down in 2007 making all these fans feeling disappointing. However Phantasy Star Online did not die. The game has been kept alive for all these years thanks to what is known as a private server. Now there are several of these servers out there. But they are starting to die as people are not really aware that these places exist. I know that thousands of fans are still attracted to the game but are not aware of how to get access to the game without having to download a GameCube emulator or playing the sequel Phantasy Online 2. Many report that PSO2 is not as fun as the original series, calling it "broken" or full of "modders"

Thanks to a community ran by pure PSO fans this game has been kept alive. The servers are attracting a little crowd of players however this number could increase. Phantasy Star Blue Burst is the remake of the original title Phantasy Star Online. PSOBB is the same as the original however it includes Episode 1, 2 and Episode 4.

The community is filled with players and veterans who have been playing the game since its original release in the year 2000. They are willing to give you a helping hand and power level you and in some cases provide you with items to help you get on your feet.

This server is different from all the others that i have visited and i can personally say that this one has to be the best one so far. Phantasy Star Ultima.

If you are interested please check out the links below.
Register an account here: https://phantasystaronline.net/register.php
You can download the launcher from here: https://phantasystaronline.net/downloads.php
Maingear and Razer are collaborating to create the Maingear R1 Razer Edition, a sleek, powerful gaming computer combining the virtually unlimited customisability of Maingear and the sleek aesthetics of Razer.

This piece of kit is a dream come true for gamers. The bright green and smooth black appearance, with “origami wires” designed to keep everything tidy, makes it very easy on the eye. The liquid cooling system will wow onlookers, especially when combined with the Superstock crystal hardline tubing; but its appearance isn’t all for show – it’s geared towards better airflow, allowing the computer to deal with even the most intense gaming sessions.

It’s not all about the looks – the specs are pretty impressive too. The R1 Razer Edition is future-proofed, with 4K and VR compatibility, in addition to outstanding graphics options, providing gamers with an incredible playing experience, no matter how demanding the game.

At the most basic level, it’ll set you back $999. This will get you an Asus H110M-A motherboard and Intel’s Core i5-6500 CPU with cooler. In terms of RAM, you’re looking at 8GB of HyperX Fury DDR4 (2x4GB), along with an Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU, a 1TB Seagate hard drive, running Windows 10 Home, and a 500W PSU from EVGA. All of this is packed into that Razer-aesthetic NZXT H440 chassis (but with no liquid cooling system).

If you want to run with the big dogs, you’ll be looking at a significantly higher outlay - you’ll get the same NZXT chassis, but this one will be packed with a MSI X99A Raider board, Intel’s Core i7-6800K – with Maingear’s Epic 460 liquid cooling system this time - plus 16GB of HyperX Fury DDR4 RAM, a more advanced graphics card in the Nvidia GTX 1070, and a 750W EVGA PSU.

Of course, this kit doesn’t come cheap. At $4,099 for the version above, it’s not a casual gamer’s rig. However, if you’re serious, and looking for an elite gaming computer that you can customise to your heart’s content, you can...
Microsoft recently announced its intention to shake up the console generation cycle with its new release - the Xbox Scorpio. Although they've been somewhat tight-lipped about the software line-up, they've been more forthcoming about the system's beefy specs. With 6TFLOPs (trillion floating point operations per second) and 320 gigabytes of memory, the Scorpio will be a powerful beast consistent with the specs of top end PCs when it is (tentatively) pencilled in for launch at the back end of 2017.

The Scorpio will also be the first console to be fully optimised for VR, or virtual reality, which allows users to immerse themselves in gameplay via a fully 3D headset. It will also play games in an eye-watering 4K definition, for unparalleled graphical fidelity on the latest blockbuster releases. There is, as yet, no word on any specific titles for the new machine but it will be backwards compatible with all Xbox One titles, making it more of an upgrade for the existing machine than an entirely new console. However, Microsoft haven't ruled out the possibility of Scorpio exclusives that will use all that new power to its fullest capabilities.

"If [PlayStation] Neo and Scorpio achieve their promise, they have the potential to show that big leap forward in terms of gaming that we didn't see in this generation of gaming," said industry analyst Michael Goodman. (http://www.gamepur.com/news/24137-p...-true-next-gen-offer-bigger-leap-ps3-ps4.html)

Sony's PlayStation 4 is ahead of the game on the VR front, with the upcoming launch of their PlayStation VR (previously code-named the much cooler Morpheus) on 16th October. Microsoft's Scorpio can definitely be seen as an attempt to cash in on this new and emerging gaming market.

Sony's offering will have a full year, at least, on Microsoft and we should see many top shelf game titles released in that time. Arkham VR, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and new first...
Older gamers will sigh when they realise that Duke Nukem 3D is 20 years old. Younger gamers will wonder what all the fuss is about, and why this pixelly mess from 3D Realms is getting a refresh with Gearbox's Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour. The short answers are that gaming nostalgia remains rife, and even five years after the disaster that was Duke Nukem Forever on Xbox 360, the Duke still has his fans.

The truth is that few game characters hit the spot quite like the Duke, with pithy one liners, serious overkill and classic level design that many modern games remain inspired by or fail to live up to. It also featured stacks of movie and pop culture references that everyone should still spot and enjoy today, from Star Wars to Aliens and Pulp Fiction.

The original game also helped promote the early PC move to online multiplayer, co-operative play and level mods. Alongside Doom, it helped make PC gaming the powerhouse it is. To celebrate Duke Nukem's 20th anniversary, the classic team have got back together to tack eight new missions on to the original game, complete with all its expansions.

The release will open it up to new Xbox One gamers who've never sampled the sassy delights of the original with updated graphics, that you can switch to on the fly, and a boosted frame rate. There's also a new soundtrack for the new missions, along with a director's cut-style commentary. There will also be the option to play it in its original form, for those who want to see what all the hype was about.

The new trailer (
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvVmSJKMktc

Takes the current US presidential election as its theme, and shows off Duke's diplomacy skills plus some of the game's classic moments; playing strippers to dance, blowing aliens to pieces and shooting them while they enjoy a quiet toilet break. The new...
Raven Software has confirmed that the December content update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will include additional surprises for fans alongside the announced 6 additional maps, which is going to be available for free for everyone who owns Modern Warfare Remastered.

They did not expand on what type of content we can expect, stating that they will be announcing more details on it all at a later date.

Source - CharlieIntel
No Man's Sky the action-adventure survival PC game now has an official TeamXPG trainer for it. Created by GoldZ the trainer allows you to use cheats in No Man Sky's PC version.

The trainer that has been updated and is now on version 2 includes mods such as All Items in Exosuit, Infinite Sprint, God Mode, Max Laser 100%, No laser Cooldown and $400 Million Units and a few other cheats. You can download No Man's Sky Trainer for PC/Windows now.

The zero-day trainer was created by the legendary GoldZ of TeamXPG. You can find the download for No Man Sky's PC Trainer on the official thread:

[TeamXPG] No Man's Sky *PC TRAINER*

Credit: GoldZ.
Sony is accepting beta testers for the upcoming PS4 Software Update. Registration for new beta testers is open and will begin sometime in early August. The PlayStation blog is yet to disclose what new features have been added.

This new PlayStation preview program will allow beta PS4 owners to take several new features and fixes for a test drive before the rest of the world gets the update. There has only ever been two previous system beta test openings and it is usually when there are a lot of new features being added such as the one released in March adding remote play capabilities allowing PS4 owners to play on a Mac and Windows PC.

Sony recently released an update 3.55. If you become a PS4 beta tester you can roll back at any point to the stable firmware should you decide.

Do you want to become a PS4 beta tester and see the features and updates before anyone else? Register before it closes. You must be at least 18 to participate. You can register here.

Source: PlayStation Blog
Aaron Greenberg Xbox's marketing executive has confirmed that the official release dates for the 500GB and 1TB versions of the new Xbox One S will be released next week. The 2TB version of the Xbox One S is believed to be launched on August 2nd.

The 500GB will retail for £249.99, whilst the larger capacity 1TB will set you back £299.99.

In our previous article we compared the difference between the Xbox One S and the Xbox One and here at XPG we recommend you hold out and save your money for when the next generation of Xbox comes out known as 'Xbox Scorpio'